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My name is Vanessa Contreras, and my husband and I have being coming to Victory for about 9 years now. I can't thank God enough for placing us in such a wonderful church surrounded by so many loving people. My husband Daniel and I started volunteering in the children’s ministry about 5 years ago. Connecting at Victory helped me have a support system during my hardest times - surrounded by Godly people who helped me and my family deal with one of the hardest things we have ever dealt with. Labor Day 2016 my husband and I ended up in the emergency room I was 10 weeks pregnant and found out at the hospital that I was having a miscarriage. Our hearts broke as we heard the devastating news. It was hard on my little girl to find out she wasn’t going to be a big sister anymore. One of the first people I reached out to was a Victory staff member and she quickly responded with comforting words and offered to pray for us. Wednesday it was worship and prayer so my family and I attended service that day. When it was time to go forward for prayer needs my husband and I actually ended praying with Pastor Matt. He prayed for God to help us through this and not to allow to separate us but to bring us closer as a couple and closer to God. I remember those words clearly because I thought of those words everyday after. The next months we spent healing and leaning on God. Daniel heard from the Lord and decided we needed to volunteer more so we signed up for the coffee shop and offered to volunteer more with the kids. I would pray daily that if it was in God's will to bless us with another child ... but no answer. I started getting discouraged and Daniel was starting to be ok with the idea that we might just have our one child. He was happy just being able to take care of the kids at church. One day Pastor Matt preached about specific prayers. The next day I went in my prayer closet and specifically asked God to bless us with a baby boy, not just for me but for my husband who deserved to have another child. A month later we found out we were expecting again. It was exiting but scary at the same time. I knew deep in my heart God had answered my prayer so I shouldn’t be afraid but Satan always was put doubtful thoughts in my head. It wasn’t an easy 9 months. I had small complications but because it was God’s plan all along, we had a healthy baby boy Daniel Michael Contreras 02/19/18. Long story short I don’t know what I would’ve done without God and my Victory family. I am so glad we decided to connect and grow by volunteering and signing up for the Spiritual Warfare class. Not only do we learn the Word of God at Victory but we become part of the body of Christ, and I see why God made the church that way because we do need each other and I’m so thankful for all the support we have received from our church.

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