jadon tunis and family's story

On March 5th 2017, after a few months of trying to decide where and if we were going to go to church, we chose at random to go to Victory Church for the 11am service. I was at a cross roads in life with three daughters and a wife living in a small apartment. A business failure a year prior and having to make a career change had left me full of anxiety. I had grown far away from being a Christian and spent many years far from Christ. When we went that Sunday I was moved, and we made a decision to keep going and will never look back. Pastor Matt Ware and all the other leaders have a great message that speaks directly to being a follower of Christ and the ways to find victory in your life through the word of the Bible. I now have conquered much of my anxiety and depression. My career has sky rocketed, and in December we moved from the little apartment and bought a beautiful home in Thornton. Though the challenges of life will never cease and raising three daughters will be a challenge, I know with God in our lives we will not only survive but thrive. I have nothing but love for Victory church and plan to keep attending and encouraging anyone looking to be pointed in the right direction toward Christ to attend.

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